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Religious Education at UU Church of Savannah

Welcome to Religious Education at UU Church of Savannah!

We are proud of the warm and caring community of religious seekers that we have created here at UU Church of Savannah.  Our young people are free to explore religious thoughts and values in an environment of mutual kindness and respect.  We offer a wide variety of classes and resources to support each child's search for truth and meaning. Our religious education (RE) program is headed by our Director of Religious Education, Hannah Ringer, and is supported by our enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers.

Religious Education Classes

We offer year-round religious education (RE) for children ages 3 to 18, a nurturing nursery for infants and toddlers, and plenty of opportunities for family involvement. Traditional RE classes are held during our 11:00 church service. Curricula are chosen from UU-approved sources, and the children are taught by dedicated and experienced volunteer teachers. Children attend the first portion of the service and are sung out of the sanctuary at around 11:20 to attend classes. Classes are dismissed at 12:20, so parents/guardians usually have a few minutes to enjoy the weekly fellowship in Rahn Hall before picking up their children from their classrooms (youth 6th grade and older can dismiss themselves). Every third Sunday of the month, all children and youth meet together in Phillipa’s Place (our largest classroom upstairs) for a brief children’s worship service with Luke and then a service activity – usually making sandwiches for the Inner City Night Shelter of Savannah.

Our RE classes for children are based on four rotating pillars: Unitarian Universalism, Social Justice and Peacemaking, Judeo-Christian Heritage, and World Religions. Each year, we study a different pillar. The pillar that we are studying for the 2018-2019 church year is our Judeo-Christian heritage.


Periodically – often on special holidays – our children attend a full worship service with the rest of the congregation. Enjoying a UU service gives our children a firm grounding in what it means to be a part of the larger congregation. It helps them prepare for the day when they are old enough to stay in the service every week. It also allows the adults in the congregation the pleasure of enjoying the enthusiasm and openness only children can bring to a worship experience.


Our children’s involvement in the life of the church goes beyond Sunday morning. They participate in a number of social justice activities throughout the year. Besides making sandwiches for Savannah’s Inner City Night Shelter every third Sunday, they also collect food items for the Backpack Buddies program, participate in Savannah’s annual Martin Luther King Day parade, and raise money for the church by having a yearly book sale.


Our children have fun! Three Fridays a year we host a Kids' Night Out, where young people enjoy an evening of arts and crafts, games, and movies (and parents/guardians get to enjoy the evening on their own). At times they participate in church overnights, take field trips, celebrate holidays, and usually can be found after church playing in the square. In addition, each year they have the opportunity to attend youth conferences and summer camp at The Mountain, a UU retreat near Highlands, NC.  Going to The Mountain is an invaluable experience for our youth, as they meet and bond with other UU children and teens across the nation.

Want to know more?

If you have any questions about religious education or would like to get involved as a volunteer, please contact our DRE, Eva Newbold . We love to hear from our parents/guardians and the members of our congregation!

Director of Religious Education

Hannah Ringer

Email: [email protected]

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